In order to activate your WFG On the Go mobile application, a representative of your company will need to log onto the data provider Black Knight’s website and accept their terms and conditions and complete a company profile.

  1. Vist //
  2. Log in with the username and password contained in your “Welcome” email (sample below)
  3. If you are not prompted to update the username and password in the steps below, your account is already activated. You may skip the remainder of these steps and log-in on your mobile device.
  4. If desired, change the account username
  5. Required: select a new password
    Recommended: a password that is all lower-case will be easier to type in on a mobile device keyboard
  6. Terms and Conditions
    The person you appoint to accept these terms will be accepting the terms on behalf of your entire organization.
  7. Complete the company profile and click “Save Information”
    Note: Comps selections do not apply to WFG On the Go
  8. Your account is ready for distribution. Please be sure to use the NEW account information created in steps 4, 5 above.

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